Monday, 22 July 2013

Softinos.....Softer than Soft!!

Are your feet feeling miserable, unbearably hot and let’s face it a little bit sweaty while we have been enjoying this rare summer heat wave? Well I think I may have stumbled across the perfect summer trainer: Softinos. There motto is ‘making feet happy’ and they have certainly succeeded with my hot, swollen, sweaty pair.

Recently I have been getting rather bored of the same options for practical but trendy summer shoes (mainly converse or Birkenstock). So, I decided to try something different and this is when I stumbled across Softinos. Thankfully I did! They are so soft and flexible I hardly noticed I was wearing anything on my feet. Making them Ideal for popping to the shops, or walking to work, or just having a wander round town.

But, the main reason I have fallen in love with them so much, is they were perfect for my work at an after school kids club. For one very girly reason is they matched my bright blue uniform. But joking aside they were so comfortable and great for playing games with the children in the summer heat. I don’t know what I would have done if I had to play tag, stuck in the mud and duck duck goose in my clumpy normal trainers. If I had chosen to wear summer pumps they would have inevitably flown off my feet whilst running and knowing my luck would’ve caused an accident.

Moreover, I got several compliments from the yummy mummys at the school gates. So, I think I have found a new summer shoe that even the most stylish mums would wear.
However, you may be wondering they don’t sound that different to Converse. Yet, they totally are with a completely different feel. The fit is a lot wider and the material is a lot softer. Also the sole seems thicker and more flexible. As you can probably tell I am a bit besotted with my new shoes, but that doesn’t mean throw out the converse. Just get both!
So, make your feet incredibly happy this summer and go grab yourself some Softinos, the softest shoes you will ever wear.