Monday, 19 December 2011

Top Party Shoes!!

The party season is on us again and everyone should have the perfect footwear accompaniment to their party wardrobe, here are a few of our favourites, from stunning killer heels to sensible yet gorgeous flats.

Iron Fist - Vanity Fair


 With this funky design there can't be an outfit it won't match, the small platform means the scary looking heel height isn't so scary and actually quite comfy!

Timberland - Rudston Heel

A simple boot with a small sturdy chunky heel, ideal for all night wear, and completely waterproof, always a bonus.

Blowfish - Silla

Some of us really struggle with heels all night, these pumps from Blowfish are a fab alternative.  With that on trend military styling they're also small enough to fit in your handbag, its always good to have a back up pair of comfy pumps when your wearing killer heels!

Dav - Victoria Leopard

Off to an all night rave!?! These lined wellies look fantastic, will certainly get you noticed and keep your feet warm & dry.

And Finally.....

Crocs - Baya Lined
One of my personal favourites! Nothing better than curling up on the sofa with your fave slippers, a good movie and a bottle of wine to bring the New Year in.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The top 10 wierdiest looking shoes.

For abit of Christmas fun, we have taken a break from talking about Camper Shoes and Hunter Wellies. We have compiled what we believe to be the 'top ten' strangest looking shoes. All of these shoes are real (as far as we know).

Shoe No. 10
This unusual style doesn't look that bad from the side. However, when viewed from above, it resembles some sort of tongue sticking out of a lipsticked mouth.

Shoe No. 9
This dog flavoured style has a set of dogs legs for a heel. A very inspiring design with a strangely amusing look from the front.

Shoe No. 8
A very cozy looking pair of slippers. However I cant help but think 'Why?'

Shoe No. 7
A spongey looking pair of slippers, probably made from some old fashioned curtains.

Shoe No. 6
This pair looks dangerous. Not only is it targeting the older generation.. but it has wheels on the back??

Shoe No. 5
I can see why this design never took off. I hope the fish in the heel arn't real.

Shoe No. 4
Warning - Do not attempt to drive in these.

Shoe No. 3
I can't see those tree's staying up for long..

Shoe No. 2
The semi-finalist has to be this unexplainable design from Tokyo (where else). A handy compartment for storing your gameboy colour, means you never have to worry about pockets again. 

Shoe No. 1
Wow, is the first word that springs to mind. A very clever and curious design. We feel this style is the most weirdest shoe out of our top 10, just for the fact it looks to be two shoes in one.

Thats it for our top 10 strangest shoes. I hope you have found them as strange and inspiring as we have. If you know of any weird looking footwear that should make it onto our top 10 list, why not post it on our facebook wall, or leave a comment below.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Camper Shoes This Week!

Camper - Wabi - Dark Grey - Mens

Camper Shoes are one of the most widely worn fashion brands to date. Sold in over 70 countries worldwide, and counting more than 150 Camper shops. A simple and attractive design makes these shoes appeal to all age groups and genders. Camper use high quality premium leathers, and leather or textile linings (style depending).

The most recent style here at mastershoe is the Camper Wabi. This Camper Shoe is exclusively designed for inside wear and has a soft felt upper which feels very comfortable around the foot. All Wabi's have a removable insole, allowing you to use your own if required. The most astounding thing about this style, is the fact it is made from recycled materials. A great shoe for the planet and suitable for any shoe lover.

Camper - Wabi - Port - Womens

Most people buy this style from us to use as a slipper. A great idea considering the ease of slipping them on and off and there general all round warmth and comfort. Wabi is infact a japanese work that derives from the verb 'Wabiru'. This translates to 'Ask for forgiveness'. Camper decided on this meaningful name to express the 'Simple, Unpretentious and Modest feel of these great Camper shoes.

Don't forget we offer free UK delivery on all items regardless of price, ISIS and IDIS accredited and accept all major payment types including Paypal.

Click here to view our extensive range of Camper Shoes.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Top Ten Christmas Shoes

It's that time of year again, although this year it doesn't quite feel christmassy yet.  All this warm weather and lack of snow really lets you down for that Christmas vibe.  In true Christmas chart tradition we have compiled our list of the Top Ten Shoes for this Christmas

  1. DC Ken Block Versatile - The stunning new addition from the DC Ken Block range, more understated than some of his other designs these include the classic Air Bags underfoot for serious comfort
  2. Crocs Baya Lined - The perfect Christmas present, an easy to slip on shoe that makes a fantastic slipper as well.
  3. DC Lieutenant - Water resistant & a warm lining combined with a classic look gives this Hi-Top bags of style.
  4. Converse Chuck Taylor Classic Boot Hi - A new take on the Allstar High, much more robust and certainly more winter proof.
  5. Cat Vinson - Easy slip on style, serious comfort, quality and character makes this work look boot fantastic for all day wear.
  6. Timberland 6 Inch Premium - Forever the Timberland classic, waterproof and iconic the 10061 is the ultimate Timberland Boot.
  7. Etnies Fader - The classic Skate style shoe, it comes in sooo many colours you'll be spoilt for choice.
  8. VivoBarefoot Ra - Barefoot is coming!! The Ra from VivoBarefoot gives all day comfort on the go, perfect for work and casual wear Barefoot technology treats your feet like no other shoe can.
  9. Fly Dandy - A fantastic smart shoe, from a fantastic brand, perfect for work and those Christmas partys
  10. Aetrex Bodyworks - For that after Christmas dip when your trying to shift that extra helping of Christmas Pudding.  Aetrex Bodyworks are the healthiest shoes you'll ever wear, the rocker sole redistributing pressure and weight to stimulate the lower body.  

DC Ken Block Versatile


  1. Dr Marten Authentic Wedge - Also known as the 3A63, the classic Dr Marten ladies boot.  For years the Authentic Wedge has been a staple of womens wardrobes across the land. 
  2. Merrell Prevoz - Stylish, Adjustable, Waterproof, Insulated and superb grip.  What more do I need to say!!
  3. Crocs Baya Lined - The perfect Christmas present, an easy to slip on shoe that makes a fantastic slipper as well.
  4. Dr Marten 1460 Jewelled -  In Ruby, Sapphire, Silver and Emerald this new take on the classic DM 1460 is stunning.
  5. Camper Peu Cami Fur  - The Classic Peu Cami boot with the added fur lining ensuring toasty feet once the temperature drops.
  6. Caterpillar Anna - The NEW Mardy Fur, streamlined down for a more feminine look the Cat Anna gives durability, warmth and all round ruggedness.
  7. Fly London Mes - A fantastic quality boot from a fantastic brand, the Mes has an edgy biker look that is subtle enough to be worn with any outfit.
  8. Dr Marten Binky - A new addition from Dr Martens, this is the Elena's little sister.  A lovely ankle boot with all the DM benefits and style.
  9. Emu Stinger Lo - The Emu Stinger Lo is the sheepskin slipper you can wear EVERYWHERE.  Emu is set apart from the other brands of this style with it's superb heel support, water resistant coating and grippy, durable outsole.
  10. Iron Fist Vanity Fair Heel - The PERFECT party shoe!!  There's no other brand like Iron Fist to give you individuality for your dancing feet.

Dr Marten Authentic Wedge


  1. DC Rebound Trainer - The Rebound from DC is a classic Hi-Top, with some really funky styles they cater for all ages, the really little ones even have elastic laces so no need to worry about tying them up each time.
  2. Puma DJ Hi Top - The all singing, all dancing Puma Hi Top.  Okay so a bit of an exaggeration but this trainer does make hip hop beat sounds every time you move your feet.  And don't worry parents there is an off button!
  3. Timberland Euro Sprint - The classic mens fashion Timberlands just got smaller! With all the ruggedness and robustness of the adults Timberland the kids version look great and really last.
  4. Crocs Crocband Gust - With a Crocs bottom and a water resistant padded upper these are great to keep little feet warm and dry in the snow.
  5. Etnies Ollie King - The Ollie is the King of kids mid tops, they look stunning and are very comfortable and durable, perfect for growing feet with a growing appetite for rough and tumble.
  6. Etnies Ronin - A low cut trainer, perfect for those that don't like the Hi-tops but still want the style.  The Ronin has all of Etnies durability and comfort and they look great.
  7. Globe Superfly - Hi-Tops with style, plain leather or the metallic look the Superfly really is Super and looks stunning on little feet.
  8. Hunter Glitter Welly - Hunter have really surpassed themselves with these super cool, glitter wellys.  All the style and comfort of the original with an added sparkle.
  9. Crocs Baya - These are the Crocs Caymans cousin, perfect for little feet to slip on and run around in these machine washable shoes are the ideal present.
  10. Converse Beverly Boot - The Beverly is fantastic, the furry lining keeps legs and toes warm whilst the classic Converse sole gives durability and ruggedness.

Timberland Euro Sprint

So there you have it, this years Christmas Top Ten Shoes and Boots, now all we need is that Christmas weather!

Friday, 25 November 2011

Hunter Just Got Cooler!!

Hunter wellies are the original high quality welly, making wellys since 1875 they have a wealth of experience and knowledge that goes into creating their boots.  It all started with the usual Black, Green and Navy colours, boring but sensible for a welly, over recent years more colours have been introduced from Yellow to Gloss Red.  However this season Hunter have exceeded themselves with Glitter Wellies!! Black, Navy and Fuchsia that really bring a sparkle to your step.  Funky and fun the Glitter Hunters still have all the functionality of the original Hunter, they just look really cool as well.  Now you may be picturing something really garish at the words glitter welly but they are actually rather understated and subtle so will still go with any outfit your wearing without sacrificing the Glitter style.  

Hunter Glitter Welly Navy Silver     

Hunters are everywhere this year, Kate Moss was spotted at Glastonbury in a Red pair and features in the likes of Vogue, FHM and Cosmopolitan have only secured their place in the fashion market rather than just for function.  Adding to the Hunter Welly is the Hunter Welly Sock, perfect for those cold days when your feet are so cold you can't feel them any more.  The fleecy Welly Sock slips inside the boots to make them cosy and keeps those toes toasty warm.  They come in all sorts of colours and patterns and with the turnover top brighten up any dull coloured welly. 
Fuchsia Welly Sock     

Hunter History

Hunter was originally the North British Rubber Company, it wasn't until much later they became known as Hunter  Boot Ltd, at the start of the company in 1856 there were only 4 people working on the boots, by 1875 Hunter were so popular the manufacturing team had grown to over 600!!  Hunter production was really boosted during World War I when the British Goverment asked them to construct a sturdy boot that would be suitable for the conditions in the flooded trenches, the mills ran day and night to make over 1 million pairs to cope with the Army's needs.  The Hunter fashion boot became a functional necessity almost overnight.  Hunters most infamous welly - the Original Tall Green Welly was first made over 50 years ago in the winter of 1955, it was the first orthopaedic welly they made and has been a staple in the Hunter range ever since growing in colours, patterns and popularity.   Hunters are a multi purpose boot brilliant for everything from walking the dog, puddle splashing and festival chic to just going into town on a typical British rainy day.

Hunter Glitter Wellies & Socks at Mastershoe-Myshu