Thursday, 17 May 2012

Hadrians Wall Expedition

Just got back from walking Hadrian's Wall with my cousin. 84 miles in 6 days - What an adventure! Truly awesome.

I used my trusty 'Brasher - Supalites', unlike my cousin who had a cheap pair. Check out his giant blisters - That'll teach him!

We walked from Bowness to Walls End (most people do it the other way) and for the last 15 miles its all along the River Tyne, mostly on roads (cyclepathes, disused railway paths).

I used my anchient Croc Shoes for this bit with no tread or straps left, but they were fantastic!

I met lots of great people on this walk and could almost feel a roman presence in the old forts and wall remnants which remain after almost 2000 years.

If you like people, history and the great outdoors, get yourself some good walking boots and do it. You'll not regret it.
Jon Giles
managing director