Monday, 28 October 2013

The storms have arrived!

Nice and cosy!
I have found myself fixed to the weather the last few days waiting for storm St Jude to hit England and Wales.

As the rain started to pour down I decided to spend my Sunday snuggled up at home with a hot chocolate, dressing gown, films and my fab slippers- The North Face - tent Mule Faux Fur. The Faux Fur collar kept my ankles nice and cosy all day. The 100% recycled PET ripstop upper gives the Tent Mules a fantastic character and durability.  The outsole mesh with fine mold rubber creates a good under foot grip when pottering around the house. I didn't take them off all day!

A useless bit of slipper information for you:

On June 30th 2007, Derek 'the slipper man'  held the Guinness book of world records for wearing a pair of dress slippers for 23 years straight... Smelly! 

We have a great collection of slippers this year for all the family! 

Camper Wabi- light grey

Women's Top 3

1. The North Face - Tent Mule Faux Fur  ( I am just being biased)  Available in Demi Brown and Purple

2. Camper Wabi - Available in light grey and dark grey

3. The North Face- Nuptse Tent Mule III Available in Ivory, Blue and Demi Brown

Men's Top 2

1. The North Face Nuptse Tent Mule III -Available in Graphite Grey, Charcoal Heather Grey & Demi Brown
2. Camper Wabi -Available in Grey Black
Tent Mule III - Charcoal Heather Grey

 Another useless bit of slipper information for you

The ruby slipper worn by Judy Garland in The Wizard of OZ sold for a record of $165,000.

So, wherever you are this stormy Monday morning make sure you think about your feet, treat them to a toasty pair of slippers. It makes Monday blues disappear!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Remember Remember... The 5th of November !

I love November! 

It's the month where the chunky over size jumpers, gloves, scarfs and bobble hats venture out of the wardrobe ready for endless amounts of fun whilst watching fire works on a chilly evening (although this year appears to be extremely mild hmmm). I have a new addition to my outfit this November, my new obsession- My Hunter Original Glitter Welly's in Fuchsia. 

Everyday I find myself more in love with them. I am very much a girly girl so the fact that I have been able to purchase these in a pink glittery style is a huge bonus ( they even match my winter woolies)

Although my Hunter's are the Kid's style they fit perfectly like the adult version. The only difference is that they are a slightly shorter height (approx 8CM) however this is ideal for me as I have short legs.

A great feature on the Hunter Kid's are the reflective tabs on the back of the welly boots. This is a great added feature for extra safety and visibility (especially out and about for firework night!) For me, this would be a persuasive selling point whilst purchasing for a child as the reflective tabs are practical and fun, even more now the nights are drawing in faster.

Another benefit of owning the Hunter welly's is having the excuse of buying the matching hunter cuffs. I struggled to make a decision with all the fab colour's, however in the end I went for the Black chunky cable cuffs. The warm micro fleece keeps your feet cosy with a snug fit in your boot. I can't wait to give these a trial run on bonfire night at our local fire work display! Let's hope its a chilly night!

I find myself being biased towards the Hunter Wellys however we have some fab other welly's this year. The bog's rainboot was a tempting contender for me. The new range has a very soft and flexible leather as well as an Aegis antimicrobial protection treatment that keeps the feet feeling fresh. My personal favourite style for The Bog's are the Rainboot Black Daisy. The colour contrast is very funky and a fun combination for winter. 

I felt I needed to treat my partner to a new pair of wellies this year (mainly to justify buying my own pair) Again, I had to favour the Hunter Original Adjustable. He was certainly impressed by this purchase (and stopped him moaning at me) They are handmade from 28 parts of natural rubber that allow more flexibility around the leg whilst still being durable and long lasting. Perfect for dog walking and fire work night! I went for the Black version in the end (my partner prefers practical!)

If your planning on venturing outside for fire work season this November then treat yourself to some funky Wellies.  As lets face it England's weather is never reliable!