Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Footwear Brands Musician Magician - Continued

Welcome back to another exciting episode
Where brands come to life in rhyme, rhythm and ode
Today I will be carrying on with my list of suppliers
That provide our footwear for all of our buyers.

Lets begin with wellingtons, or wellies if you prefer
Theres Kanyon, Muck Boots and Bogs and of course Hunter
If its just boots your after, we have plenty of those
Or for even better protection have you seen our steel-toes?

For something in the middle you'll want Grinders or Palladium,
Both brands are sturdy with materials that are premium
whilst your Fly London and Rockport complete the equilibrium
Ha, that's the first time i've used that word, i think i've hurt my cranium

I must continue my farcicle song as I cant have many more brands left to prong
Moving onto boating shoes, you know the ones with the rope so they're harder to lose.
For our most specific range, you'll want to look at Chatham.
or alternatively something less bland, the top-selling brand called Timberland.

We're half-way down our list of 72, with an achievable 42 left to get through
I will finish today's post with skate fashion and hi-tops
Chunky, durable trainers that are made to be non-stop
Theres Vans, Etnies, Globe and Odessa
DVS, and DC your can't get much better.

Thank you for reading my second edition
Of 'Footwear Brands Musician Magician'
Please stay tuned to read the conclusion
Lets quickly sneak one more brand in, how about Base London