Friday, 12 April 2013

Dr Martens And Welly Boots

So it's April and it's still raining :(  At least it's warmed up a bit I suppose, but with the festival season around the corner and the long range weather forecast looking pretty awful, what are you going to wear??? Well thats a simple answer The DM Drench Boot!!!!!

The Drench is a brand new welly from Dr Martens which looks like a 1460 but is completely waterproof...ideal for stomping around in muddy fields.  My favourites are the patents, personally I think they have a bit extra style than the matt colours.

Made with a natural rubber these Dr Marten wellys have all the classic features of the classic DM Boot with an 8 eye front lace and heel tab, the yellow stitching around the bottom of the boot is decorative but adds iconic character, and they are vegan and vegetarian friendly.  Dr Martens have always been a popular choice for festival goers, almost as popular as the welly however why do you want to go to a festival and come home with your favourite boots ruined

Now imagine these are your DM's, you've had the best weekend ever and off you go home.  By the time you get there get yourself sorted and even think about cleaning your boots they're stained and trashed, your beloved DM's will never be the same again and you wish you'd taken a pair of wellys with you.  Now think about this, instead of taking your good old favourite DM's you treat yourself to a new pair of Dr Marten Drench wellys, they get in the same state but....your feet stay totally dry (there is nothing worse than wet feet) and when you get home because they are a rubber upper you just wipe them clean and there you go good as new.  And why stop at festivals, these boots will look great for anything walking round town, walking the dog, hanging out with your mates, these are sure to be the next big thing!!!!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Mocks or Crocs???

Mocks or Crocs.....that is the big question.

We've all heard of Crocs which tend to be complete Marmite either love them or hate them, but no-one can deny they are practical and are certainly great for children during the warmer weather.  And to be fair to Crocs their range has grown substantially from the original Cayman that found them that first fame and now features all sorts of shoes and boots.  My favourites from this summers collection has got to be the Beach Line range.

As with most Crocs the Beach Line is made from Croslite,which gives the lightweight durability and comfort we're all so used to, but the Beach Line has a bit of extra style.  Based on the traditional deck shoe they have 360 degree lacing systems which give them that authentic boat shoe look and definatley look more like a shoe than a Croc.  However in true Crocs style they do come in a range of colours, everything from stunning colour combinations to slightly over the top and wacky.

So that brings us to Mocks.......

A fairly new range to the footwear market they have taken their inspiration from moccasins and with 21st century technology have updated them.  Mocks created a new material that has a long and complicated name so they simply named it Mocklite (hmmm....Croslite/Mocklite, I see a trend here). The Mocklite material is soft and flexible and completely washable.

So Mocks Mocklite Driver and Bilbao arrived this week, the first time I've seen a pair although they have been around in shops for the last 2 years and I'll be honest we took them out of the box and my first reaction was not great.  But now less than a week later my opinion has changed somewhat.  I'm not quite sure why my instant reaction was one of dislike as I really like the Crocs Beach Line, the Mocks have the same sort of styling and having tried them on are soooooo comfortable.  A simple styling that although based on the moccasin can also pass off as a deck or boat shoe they are moulded which means no seams to rub your feet, the Mocklite material really does flex with your feet and the fact you can throw them through the washing machine when they get dirty...fantastic.  The only downside for me is the scented insole, it reminds me of a car air freshener, although it's not a smell you notice when they're on your feet and with bare feet I can imagine in hotter weather having a scented insole will be priceless.

All the colours of the rainbow

Unfortunately Mocks don't do a childrens range yet, a shame as these like Crocs would be fab for kids, won't matter if they get wet and mucky and will keep little feet supported, however for us big kids there is a massive range of mens and ladies Mocks, and like Crocs in almost every colour imaginable you could walk the rainbow with all their colours.

So that brings us back to the question of Mocks or Crocs?  Quite simply I don't know, they both have fantastic benefits and a massive range to choose from.  Crocs has been around for a while now and have built up a great brand with fantastic new shoes arriving every season without fail, but are Mocks the new kids on the block???