Monday, 19 December 2011

Top Party Shoes!!

The party season is on us again and everyone should have the perfect footwear accompaniment to their party wardrobe, here are a few of our favourites, from stunning killer heels to sensible yet gorgeous flats.

Iron Fist - Vanity Fair


 With this funky design there can't be an outfit it won't match, the small platform means the scary looking heel height isn't so scary and actually quite comfy!

Timberland - Rudston Heel

A simple boot with a small sturdy chunky heel, ideal for all night wear, and completely waterproof, always a bonus.

Blowfish - Silla

Some of us really struggle with heels all night, these pumps from Blowfish are a fab alternative.  With that on trend military styling they're also small enough to fit in your handbag, its always good to have a back up pair of comfy pumps when your wearing killer heels!

Dav - Victoria Leopard

Off to an all night rave!?! These lined wellies look fantastic, will certainly get you noticed and keep your feet warm & dry.

And Finally.....

Crocs - Baya Lined
One of my personal favourites! Nothing better than curling up on the sofa with your fave slippers, a good movie and a bottle of wine to bring the New Year in.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The top 10 wierdiest looking shoes.

For abit of Christmas fun, we have taken a break from talking about Camper Shoes and Hunter Wellies. We have compiled what we believe to be the 'top ten' strangest looking shoes. All of these shoes are real (as far as we know).

Shoe No. 10
This unusual style doesn't look that bad from the side. However, when viewed from above, it resembles some sort of tongue sticking out of a lipsticked mouth.

Shoe No. 9
This dog flavoured style has a set of dogs legs for a heel. A very inspiring design with a strangely amusing look from the front.

Shoe No. 8
A very cozy looking pair of slippers. However I cant help but think 'Why?'

Shoe No. 7
A spongey looking pair of slippers, probably made from some old fashioned curtains.

Shoe No. 6
This pair looks dangerous. Not only is it targeting the older generation.. but it has wheels on the back??

Shoe No. 5
I can see why this design never took off. I hope the fish in the heel arn't real.

Shoe No. 4
Warning - Do not attempt to drive in these.

Shoe No. 3
I can't see those tree's staying up for long..

Shoe No. 2
The semi-finalist has to be this unexplainable design from Tokyo (where else). A handy compartment for storing your gameboy colour, means you never have to worry about pockets again. 

Shoe No. 1
Wow, is the first word that springs to mind. A very clever and curious design. We feel this style is the most weirdest shoe out of our top 10, just for the fact it looks to be two shoes in one.

Thats it for our top 10 strangest shoes. I hope you have found them as strange and inspiring as we have. If you know of any weird looking footwear that should make it onto our top 10 list, why not post it on our facebook wall, or leave a comment below.