Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Top 24 Funny Keywords Searched On Mastershoe

Today I felt like tapping into the more funny side of retail, and what better way to do this then to marvel at some of the trivial and humorous search terms customers enter on our website. I have looked back through our search data for the last 2 months with the intention of giving our readers the top 5 funny keywords. But truth be told I was pleasantly surprised by the large number of smile summoning keywords people have tried using on a footwear website, and after many laughs I simply couldn't narrow it down to 5, or even 10 for that matter.

We actively check our onsite search data and 'redirect' terms to the right place. These can be typos such as sketchers (instead of skechers) and Doc Martins (instead of Dr Martens). The number 1 keyword with the most spelling mistakes from users is Havaianas.

Anyway, back on track: Here we have the revised and improved

Keyword Entered What We Think It Was Supposed To Be My Thoughts/Opinion
Easter Egg N/A This query was searched 13x over 2 weeks near Easter. Do they know something we don't? Shoe Easter Eggs anyone?
Marker Pen N/A Marker Pen and Sharpie were searched very close together, so we think its the same person. Maybe they wanted to write there name on there shoes
Fake Timberland Timberland I'm not sure why anyone would 'want' to purchase Fake Timberlands, maybe because there cheaper? This user would have been left dissapointed as we only ever sell real genuine products.
Youtube N/A This had the lowest search volume at 2. Maybe an accidental copy and paste from the internet browser
Mens HighHeels N/A This query had us in stitches. Possibly a thesbian acting as a dame in panto
Nike hoes Nike Shoes An obvious typo where the 'S' is missing from shoes. Still worthy of my list
Pool Cues N/A I can kinda understand this one. Our original trading name was 'Sportshoe' so its no unreasonable to think we sell sports related equipment.
Lettuce N/A I honestly have no idea. Possibly an unusual colour of footwear that we don't stock?
Racing Cat Puma Speed Cat This style has many different misconceptions. Racing Cat, Fast Cat, Driving Cat, Super Cat
Yay N/A Not much to say about this, except 'Yay' back
Sheep Sheepskin Either a farmer who doesn't know where to purchase livestock - or someone looking for sheepskin footwear?
Blunt Stone Blundstone This is a perfect example of how a simple mixup of letters can produce a surprisingly funny result.
Copper Fist Iron Fist Mixup of metals
Money Off N/A Can't blame you for trying, if only discounts were that easy
Poison N/A Another unusual style colour maybe? Or a lost witchdoctor
Original Penguin N/A This originally baffled me, until I discovered the website 'originalpenguin.co.uk'.
Frozen Heels N/A My initial thought was abit farfetched - heels made of ICE! Or could they mean the disney film 'Frozen'?
Beyonce N/A Unfortunately we do not currently stock celebrities. Or does Beyonce own a footwear brand?
Toast N/A No idea, possibly another unusual colour
Maneater N/A Ahh.. my colleague has revealed this customer was likely looking for the 'Iron Fist - ManEater' style, and not a maneating plant.
Blue Lemonade N/A Aside from being a 'cool' colour for lemonade - we're not sure why you would search this on mastershoe
Foldable N/A Possibly looking for the roll-up Hunter wellies?
Sexy Flop Flop Flip Flop No comment
Moon Boots N/A Boots for the Moon?

Written by Keiran at mastershoe-myshu.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Festival Footwear

The UK Festival Season is about to kick off in a big way and with the Isle of Wight and Download starting it all off in mid June.  There are lots of important things to take to a festival the most important one of course being your ticket.....you wouldn't believe how many people queue for hours on end from Shepton Mallet all the way to Pilton for Glastonbury and then realise that prized ticket has been left in its very safe place at home, not a good move.

Other essentials are of course the tent (home for the weekend, or at least a place to lay your head for a couple of hours), your camera, or phone with camera to capture those once in a lifetime moments, plenty of cash (prices for EVERYTHING are always so inflated at festivals), so on the same note food and drink, you've gotta save a bit where you can we're in a recession after all. Toilet roll, they always run out, hand sanitiser and for us girls dry shampoo for your hair...marvelous invention, then theres clothes of course the footwear!!!

So then festival footwear, well lets face it the UK's summers and especially Glastonbury have a reputation for being wet and muddy, unfortunately it is generally a reputation well earned so the top festival footwear is welly boots.

No.1 on our festival welly list is the Dr Martens Drench, a new style that DM's brought to the range in 2013 they combine the classic Dr Martens 1460 style with a waterproof rubber, fashion and function...Perfect!! Although if your knee deep in mud maybe not so much.

No.2 has to be Hunters, ok so they don't last the years and years they used to but lets face it what does nowadays, you can't ignore these fabulous glittery wellies.  Available in kids up to a UK 5 if your an adult with small feet you even get away with paying the cheaper kids price for them.

No.3 Bogs!! A fairly new brand to the UK but these funky flower wellys will stand out especially with a fantastically bright sole unit. The handles at the top makes them easy to get on and off as well...always a useful bonus.

OK so a miracle happens and we actually have a good summer what do you wear on your feet then?? Do you go for shoes or sandals, flip flops or trainers? the choice is endless if the weather behaves but here's our top 3.

No.1 Ok so we all know I love FitFlop, so of course they are going to be my top choice.  They're dead comfy for spending all day on your feet and with a canvas upper dead easy to clean with a brush over.  Downside to flipflops at a festival when your in the crowd there is no foot protection so when your feet get stood on it is going to hurt :(

 No.2 These Adesso shoes much like the entire Adesso range are completely wacky, not my normal sort of style yet they've really grown on me.  Definitely something different the uppers are a stretchy elastic so will stretch round your feet for great comfort and that is one seriously cushioned insole.

No.3 Well it just has to be a good old pair of Cons!! This latest version with large writing down the sides is lush and of course has all the classic Converse style.  Easy to wear, light and with the toe bumper a bit more protective than some shoes to be fair these probably should be No.1 rather than 3.

In typical British style the long range weather forecast shows sun and showers but temperatures look good, so rain or shine thats your festival footwear covered, just don't forget your tickets!!!


Friday, 9 May 2014

Summer Sandals

Summer Sandals

So I wanted to follow up our mens summer footwear blog with a look at the world of womans sandals. There’s a revolution going on in the footwear world at this summer, low profile, subtle dainty shoes are out and this summer is all about the big, in your face footwear statement’s! In a shift from style to substance it’s all about the statement pieces and standing out. So who are the big winners in this? Well you first and foremost, aside from being in touch with the latest trends you girls get to look super stylish and wear something comfortable on your feet. You might find one or two pairs need a little wearing in to allow the foot-beds to mould to your feet like with the Birkenstocks. This will only take a week or two however and once done they don’t just look a lot of fun, your feet will literally love you for buying them. The biggest benefit with the othopedic look is the fit and the level of support they offer you. Unlike traditional footwear most of the styles we’ve selected below are specifically designed to support on and around the arch aiding the motion of your feet. Another point here as well if you’re going to try some for the first time is to make sure you get a proper fit.

So what shoes do we recommend?
Place Capri Toe sandals, £54.99 (Available in Red, Black & White).
We love the toe slider sandals this summer and you can’t go wrong with a pair of Place’s take on the traditional favourite. Place are a German brand who until recently spent their time making specially supportive insoles for medical purposes so they know a thing of two about biomechanics These sandals come with an excellent sole unit and a modern take on the traditional toe strap.

Place Ibiza Sparkle Glitzy sandal, £54.99 (Available in Black and White).
Glamour is very much back this year as well and we love the Place Ibiza. It sparkles it fun and the all the girls the bigger the bling the better. Like everything this season if you’re gonna do it. then do it big. And in addition to the glitz if you want a pair of sandal for all day use the Place Ibiza offer a supurb level of comfort!

Fly London Tram Strappy heels Sandals, £77.99 (Available in Off white, Dark Brown, Devil Red and Camel).
If you want heels for the summer sun then these strappy wedged sandals are perfect. Made by Fly London they feature a small wedge and large brass coloured buckles. This simple design will compliment any outfit and has uppers are made premium leather and cushioned insoles. This makes for excellent comfort and the chunky cork and rubber midsole offers a small wedge heel of approximately 4cm.

Crocs A-Leigh FlipFlop. £39.99 (Available in Black Gold and Cocoa Gold)
Made with the renowned Croslite footbed the Crocs A-Leigh Flip Flop is the perfect summer sandal.These shoes ooze style with its wedged cork sole and it has a wedge of approximate 4cm.

Skater style Vans Authentic Lo Pro. £44.99 (Floral Tawny).
Skater style shoes are still massively in style this summer,  they’ve gone through a bit of an evolutionary phrase over the past few years but the low profile designs are really popular and consistently prove to be one of the biggest competitors for the Converse market. This particular style have a really simple design as you would expect but a funky kitsch fabric design.

Written by Glen at mastershoe-myshu.