Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Last Christmas postage dates

So who’s ready for the big day? We’ve had Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Manic/Mega Monday and the Christmas markets. It’s been a busy period in England and to top it all off we’ve now seen a delivery company as good as self-implode, refusing to collect any additional parcels in the biggest Bah-Humbug this side of Scrooge!

Fortunately, we don’t use them. Mastershoe-Myshu use DHL and Royal Mail and you’ve gotta feel for everyone who’s now sweating on the delivery of their Christmas gifts. Anyhow as we now enter the 9 day countdown to Christmas, the last mad dash shopping online begins! This year we decided to cut off our guaranteed Christmas delivery from this Friday (19th December 2014). Of course we’ll still be sending out all your boxes of happiness until the big day but we want to be as realistic as possible. Royal Mail and DHL have both been incredible this year and they’ve been working like little Christmas Elf’s trying to manage your expectations so a big shout out to them both, it is really appreciated and to their credit we’ve barely had a single problem. We really do make a big effort to manage our customers expectation as well and it’s important that we’ve met them. This wouldn’t have been possible without our courier services and it’s a pretty big deal when someone places their faith in you with presents for their nearest and dearest.

I also thought I’d remind you all of our fantastic December competition, We have a free pair of Muck boots up for grabs this month. All you need to do is purchase a pair of Muck boots for the chance to win a second pair for free. So if you still trying to work out a little gift for someone special why not have a look at their range of wellies and who know maybe you’ll have bagged yourselves a free pair for the New Year! Just remember the competition ends on the 31st December 2014 and there are two massive benefits to neoprene welly's. Neoprene as a material is not just waterproof but it’s also incredibly flexible and a great form of insulation which makes them perfect for the late night dog walks or the cold winter mornings, mucking out down the stables.

The also come with really great sole units more common on outdoor hiking footwear. This provides great grip in addition to really good support and as a result if you’re on your feet all day, you’ll notice the difference.

This has also been my first year at mastershoe-myshu and it really has been a great year! I only started in February but in this time I had the pleasure of helping so many people, whether it was measuring insoles to help ensure they got the right size or helping ensure they got the best style for their needs. Either way it’s been a blast, so thank you and while we only have a small team, this family run business has done so much to surpass every level of expectation. It’s also been one of the nicest environments I’ve ever had the pleasure of working, so for that I thank you mastershoe! Finally this will also be my last post for this year so have a great Christmas and enjoy your New Year but if there is anything else we can help you with please don’t hesitate to contact us. Glen

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Christmas Stocking Fillers

Hey everybody so it’s that time once again! The shops have undergone their Christmas transformations. Americans are preparing their thanksgiving Turkeys and the Aussies, well the Australians are probably chilling on the beach with a barbie. How nice that would be right now.. That would be very nice! Instead I’m sat at work in my slippers next to the radiator penning you lovely folks a nice little update before the madness that is Black Friday.

So first of all, what is Black Friday? Well it all started in the States and this phenomenon is the equivalent of the boxing day sales in the UK. Since then having done a little research on the BBC I found this gem of an article and there's actually an awful lot of history behind it so please do have a read as it's well worth a look.

If you haven’t seen our site before then we have offers year round with reductions as big as 75%. Admittedly, this is only on a single product but 30-50% savings aren’t particularly unusual. So it’s always worth keeping an eye out for our specials. This year we’re also offering a further 10% off all products on top of any current savings with the voucher code “blkfriday” (valid until 28th November 2014).

Over half of our kids shoes currently on sale already have at least 40% off including a selection of Air Max’s, Timberlands and other everyday footwear. What’s more is these offers are not uncommon throughout the whole of our range.

We also know a lot of people worry about returns for Christmas presents. This is one of the things that makes online shopping so attractive. Especially With mastershoe-myshu as we offer a full 365 day returns service for online orders as long as they are in their original unworn condition and they are returned with their original box and swing tags.

We have everything footwear related from fleece lined and sheepskin boots to snow boots and slippers to ensure your feet stay dry and cosy what every you do. We also have a fantastic range of wellies including Muck boots, Bogs, Hunters and Joules along with the stylish Dr Martens Drench Welly, this little gem is vegan friendly, made solely with natural rubber and their epic Air Cushioned sole that made them famous.

So without further delay allow me to present to you our Xmas sales guide. Perfect for stocking fillers, main presents and everything else in between. We have shoes and prices for all budgets and a further 10% off until Friday 28th November 2014. Remember to get them while the offer lasts and keep your eye peeled for an exciting competition starting on the 1st December 2014!

Mens Stocking Fillers Kids Stocking Fillers Womens Stocking Fillers

Mens £40 - £49 Womens £40 - £49 Kids £40 - £49 Mens £25 - £39 Womens £25 - £39 Kids £25 - £39

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Footwear Brands Musician Magician - Continued

Lets get started, and bowl right in
Today's first brand has to be Oxygen
There boots and shoes are definitely a bargain
made to be functional and fashionable by the clever Oxygen craftsman

A comfortable fit can be found in Skechers
Back to school are best looking at Kickers
lots of walking? have you tried Brasher or Wrangler?
Or something more special, how about El-Nature-Lista

The North Face are popular, and really work well
Alongside Hummel and Merrell and did I mention Sorel
Classic and oldskool fashion are how Buffalo operate
Compare them to Softinos and you'll see how they date.

Boxfresh, Reef and winter Sheep Feet,
Toms, Tigerbear and Dude are all really neat
It does make you wonder how the classics even compete
It always seems they are very far from defeat

Speaking of classics, have you tried The North Face hedgehog?
It's a real classic that's probably on par with Rocket Dog
Then we have Harley Davidson, and Hi-Tec, and Good old Geox
Gola, New Era and the much loved Lacoste

I can see the end in sight, only 10 brands to go.
Now I musn't mess this end up, I need to make it pro
Blundstone, Hush Puppies, Marco Tozzi and Ikon
Panama Jack, Helly Hansen, Vibram and Vagabond

That leaves us with 2 more brands, both completely different
One is renowned for tennis and the other one could be called a treatment.
K-Swiss has style, quality and a big reputation
Place is all about stability, support and lots of foot action

This completes my list of 72 footwear brands and advice.
I've noticed a mistake, can you see which brand I mentioned twice?
If you notice the stockist, please do let us know
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed the show.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Footwear Brands Musician Magician - Continued

Welcome back to another exciting episode
Where brands come to life in rhyme, rhythm and ode
Today I will be carrying on with my list of suppliers
That provide our footwear for all of our buyers.

Lets begin with wellingtons, or wellies if you prefer
Theres Kanyon, Muck Boots and Bogs and of course Hunter
If its just boots your after, we have plenty of those
Or for even better protection have you seen our steel-toes?

For something in the middle you'll want Grinders or Palladium,
Both brands are sturdy with materials that are premium
whilst your Fly London and Rockport complete the equilibrium
Ha, that's the first time i've used that word, i think i've hurt my cranium

I must continue my farcicle song as I cant have many more brands left to prong
Moving onto boating shoes, you know the ones with the rope so they're harder to lose.
For our most specific range, you'll want to look at Chatham.
or alternatively something less bland, the top-selling brand called Timberland.

We're half-way down our list of 72, with an achievable 42 left to get through
I will finish today's post with skate fashion and hi-tops
Chunky, durable trainers that are made to be non-stop
Theres Vans, Etnies, Globe and Odessa
DVS, and DC your can't get much better.

Thank you for reading my second edition
Of 'Footwear Brands Musician Magician'
Please stay tuned to read the conclusion
Lets quickly sneak one more brand in, how about Base London

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Footwear Brands Musician Magician

Footwear Brands Musician Magician

If your after some class, then why not try adidas.
Or maybe something fast, thats also made to last.
Merge running with Pumas, or better yet Onitsuka Tigers.
Something more trendy? then try some Superga or Nike or even some Cushe.

Winter is coming and the sun is hiding,
Have you seen our selection of Dr Martens with sheepskin lining?
Adesso and Art or maybe some Blowfish, or have you considered something more stylish
Campers high quality, but then so is Caterpillar, or what about Converse, there colour selection is killer.

Crocs and DC are big on TV, but you shouldn't judge a brand by its media CV
Shoes, boots, sandals and wellies, lifestyle fashion, walking and don't forget about jellies
Sizes are different between UK, US and European, across all destinations including the Caribbean.
If your still not sure what size you are, I wouldn't blame you because shoes sizes are quite bizarre

What brands are left, have I still got far to go?
I need to be careful that I don't rush it and lose my flow.
Let us continue with brands that showcase your toes,
Some brands are practical whilst some are for show.

Birkenstock and Birkis are near enough the same
Aside from the quirky designs the difference is in the name
People feel Earth Spirit and Keen are so comfy its magical,
But you'll really want FitFlop if your looking for practical.

This is your lot for this weeks post
I've only just began and I don't want to boast,
Please stay tuned for my next edition
of 'Footwear Brands Musician Magician'

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Back to School

So following on from last weeks blog “Time to get the boots out” referring to the wet and cold August we’ve just experienced. I thought it’d be a nice time to take a look at school shoes as we start September. It’s a tricky situation buying school shoes, everyone has an opinion, the kids just want to fit in with the latest trends and parents just want something that’ll last, is not too expensive and that gives them as little a headache as possible. Simply put, it can be an absolute nightmare! The guidelines from school to school can be as varied as the hot dinners and because of this we do advise clarifying the types of shoes allowed at your particular school prior to purchasing. For example some allow trainers, other black trainers and then sometimes they are even more specific, so it can be difficult. What we can guarantee, is that we have something for everyone. We stock a large range of shoes suitable for school from the traditional Dr Martens, Kickers and Hush Puppies through to the more fashion conscious trainers in an all-black style or those with a bit of a heel if the school allow them, such as the Vagabond or Rocket Dogs.

So far this back to school season, the biggest sellers in our all black footwear include the Kickers Kick, this style comes in two designs the Kick Hi boot and the Kick Lo shoe. With a rugged look they are also smart and stylish and the 4 eyelet front lacing system ensures an easy fit. Dr Martens 1460Z in Black smooth has also been a big seller for the boys, a classic from the British born brand, they were even in fashion when I was back at school, back in the mid 90’s. DM’s are synonymous with hard-wearing and comfortable footwear which incorporates their AirWair sole unit. For the girls the Dr Martens Polley are also hugely popular and a classic style. These Mary Jane style shoes are simple, classy and so in fashion at the moment! Meanwhile a slightly different approach for the girls is the Skechers Go Walk 2. This is more of a trainer but it is one of the most comfortable pairs of footwear available and they come in an all black design with a breathable upper and the flexible sole unit.

From a fashion shoes perspective moving away from the traditional school shoes, we also had a lot of interest in the Unisex Vans Authentic Black. This simple fashion trainer is made for both women and men, a simple understated design it is minimal but not to be underestimated. This is one of the classic designs that helped make the brand what they are today with a canvas upper and the legendary vulcanized sole unit. Converse has a similar range for their shoes keeping the principles behind their classic styles but with an all-black colouring to help ensure their suitability for the majority of schools. They do this for their canvas Star Player EV Oxford and the original Chuck Taylor All Stars in both regular trainers and hi-tops in addition to a leather version of the Chuck Taylor All Stars in the Lean Oxford blurring the lines between a trainer and a shoe.

Let us know what you’re wearing when you go back this week or alternatively if you’re as old as I am let us know what you had when you were younger, and what you wanted but were never allowed, like Pams Vagabonds from last week’s blog. Either way we’d love to hear from you!


Thursday, 28 August 2014

Time to get the boots out....

Hi All,

It’s been a little while, we’ve been busy peeps in the Mastershoe-Myshu office with loads of new styles arriving for Autumn/Winter and boy is Autumn arriving with a bang it was so chilly last night! Only a few weeks ago we were bathing in gorgeous sunshine and taking full advantage of the office’s air conditioning, taking photos and loading fleecy lined boots onto the website we thought we were mad, and yet now I’m looking at weather and the boots coming through thinking hmm…they're rather yummy.

Ok so I do have a bit of a shoe addiction, particularly boots, I think it goes hand in hand with working for a footwear retailer and for this blog I thought I would share some of my favourites that have arrived so far.  My problem is the new arrivals are only the tip of the iceberg, we still have Dr Martens, my personal favourites for comfort – FitFlop, Merrell, North Face and Skechers winter ranges to start arriving, and still sooo many more styles from the brands that have started to deliver already.

Fly London Lask

My first favourite has to come from Fly London, the Lask boots.  For me the camel colour has got to be the best, these boots give the classic biker style a real feminine twist and the chunky heel is great….I am rubbish in heels, the chunkier the better!! I love that the laces make them adjustable but they also have a zip on the
side so once the lace is set you haven’t got to faff around everytime you put them on and take them off.  They would look fab with a pair of skinnys…chic grunge.

My perfect school shoes when I was 15!
Next up, from a brand that’s following is growing fast, and it’s easy to see why when you check out they’re styles…Vagabond.  New in this week is the Dioon Moc Slip Shoe, ok so not a boot but I love these shoes and for one simple reason.  When I was at school, after the Buffalo craze had finished everyone was wearing shoes like these…and I wasn’t allowed a pair, the heel was to high, they cost to much, I’d grow out of them to quick etc etc. So now just because I can, I really want a pair.

And lastly for now it has to be the Timberland 14 Inch Premium Waterproof, I love the wheat colour but I would trash it in no time so for me it would have to be the brown.  My problem is for boots like these – flat, waterproof and comfortable I wear them everywhere, to work, showing the dogs, training with the dogs and walking the dogs.  A few agility sessions at the equestrian center and a couple of muddy walks and wheat would be brown anyway.

I’ll admit whilst I am a shoe addict unfortunately as much as I would like to I can’t afford to buy all my favourites and there is one particular boot I’m waiting to arrive.  I was lucky enough to see it when our buying team were choosing the range last year and instantly fell in love, so bring on the FitFlop winter boot delivery!

Till next time

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Shoe Size Confusion

shoe size conversions
Trouble finding the right sized footwear, You're not alone?
Hi everybody, so as this incredible summer continues.. It feels like the sunshine’s gone on almost as long as the rain did during the winter. Back then, I was loving the wellies, and the walking footwear but since mid-May I don’t think I’ve spent more than a couple of days out of my flip-flops or light summer shoes. Don’t get me wrong I’m far from complaining as I’m not going abroad this year, so the odd weekend at the beach is much appreciated.

The Birkenstocks have been unbelievably popular this year and if you want to grab the sandal of the summer, you can buy them from Mastershoe-Myshu with free UK delivery. Our Earth Spirits have been a major seller too and going by the response in our high street stores, they’re one of the comfiest pieces of women’s footwear we’ve ever sold.

Anyway, this week seeing as there can be such a variation in sizes for different footwear, especially our Birkenstock sandals I thought I would bring your attention to the different circumstances around this. For example, did you know that you get a separate men’s UK size and Women’s UK sizes, but with some brands you also get a unisex size guide to accommodate both males and female UK sizes in one. All of this is before you even consider the US and European equivalents. You’d think that it can’t be that difficult, you get your ruler out and the size it measures is the size you advertise. That would just be too easy though! We'll be following this up later in the year as well.  There are so many different things to consider when sizing shoes and getting that perfect fit but we hope this gives you a good insight to start with.

You see a brand sizing their shoe styles will take in to consideration a number of factors. If they are creating a sports shoe you will often find you need something slightly larger this can be to accommodate for the sports socks or possibly a thicker, cushioned insole for impact absorption. Also if you have been on your feet all day or the weather is very warm then your feet are likely to have swollen and this can impact on your true size. Then you get other brands like Birkenstock who actually design their sandals to be particularly spacious. Some people will need to buy a size smaller than their usual size. So, it’s easy to see how it starts to get quite confusing.

People will then have different shaped feet, even your own two feet will vary slightly in shape and size, over times shoes will also stretch and although your last shoes may have been a little small, once they’ve stretched a little you convince yourself that’s your actual size. Then you can have higher arches or wider toes than standard or equally the opposite and while one size may fit one day another shoe on another day could feel completely different and very rarely are two people exactly the same.. So over the course of your lifetime your feet can drastically change.

Shoe shop fitting expertise
For the ladies however it then gets even more confusing, if girls want to buy boots they want something that won’t just fit the foot but also their legs. So they have the problem of the calf fitting. In reality the size of a shoe is never really as simple as sticking a ruler to it. There is so much to take into consideration and occasionally at times it can easily result in the wrong size being bought but if you are looking for something new, don’t be afraid to ask questions a good seller will be happy to answer any number of questions about length, widths or supports. If you go into a store, try them on, see what you think. You never know, you might actually prefer a something slightly larger or smaller. The people in there will have been well-trained and while there’ s rarely a one size fits all solution you can guarantee with the companies who care, they’ll often go the extra mile to help ensure you get what you need.

At Mastershoe-Myshu we include all the main conversions at the bottom of our product descriptions as well as other measurements which we think you’ll find useful in our descriptions, like calf widths, heel heights or boot heights. Ultimately we’d like to ensure it’s as easy as possible for you we’re more than happy to bring out the tape measure.

I hope this helps and although they can vary from brand to brand we’re passionate about getting you the right shoes first time, so if you do have a question we’ll always do what we can to find you the right solution.

Cheers for now!


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Monty Python Live (Mostly)

Hi All,

It’s Pam again this week.  A couple of weeks ago I went to see Monty Python Live (mostly) at the O2 so this week I thought I’d tell you guys all about it.

My dad is an avid Monty Python fan, has the box set of all the sketches and all the movies, and through my adolescence I have also been corrupted.  So when they announced they were doing 1 live performance last year I HAD to get the tickets, and it made an easy birthday and Christmas present for dad.  There I was sat at the computer logged in, the second it opened I was in the queue…..no good though, it sold out in 42 seconds I just wasn’t quick enough….but then…they added extra dates!! Wahoo! Straight back on the computer and this time I got tickets for the 4th July, think the phone call to my Dad afterwards to let him know is possibly one of the best I’ve ever made.  He had no idea I was trying to get them, and wouldn’t have done it himself.  Next step, get the day booked off at work so we could make a day of it in London, Dad booked the hotel and I sorted out the train tickets.

Last week came around and I was starting to get everything together for going to London, only staying 1 night so not much to take but trying to work out what shoes to wear…that was proving difficult, I know for someone that owns a ridiculous amount of shoes I should easily have something suitable but I really didn't.  I only really wanted to take 1 pair, didn’t want to be carrying another pair round all day until we could book into the hotel and also needed  them to be really comfortable for walking round London all day and night and right to the top of the O2 (I said I got tickets, I didn’t say they were good seats, we were right up on the top level but I don’t think it really made any difference in the end).  I settled on trainers, the problem is I haven’t bought any new trainers in ages and they are all pretty tatty nowadays, I tend to only wear them for walking the dogs on dry days now and wear my boots through winter and straight into flip flops and sandals once it warms up, then have my 'posher' shoes for showing the dogs and more tidy nights out, none of them are really suitable for a day/night in London.  So what did I do....I went shopping! The advantage of working for a shoe company (or disadvantage in the case of bank balance) is there is soooo much to easily choose from.  

I finished work on Thursday evening and toddled up to our Trowbridge store, none of the trainer trainers we have at the moment (DC, Globe, Etnies etc) were really doing it for me and with it being so warm last week I really wanted something that would breathe, then I had a brainwave...Go Walks! My Go Walk Everydays are so comfy I don't know why I didn't think of it before, Go Walk 2's it was.  I tell you what I have barely taken them off since, they are fab!! Instant comfort, the mesh upper breathes really well so my feet didn't get to hot, even on the stuffy underground and no 'wearing in'.

Friday morning me and Dad caught the train into London, we left just after the morning rush hour so we could make the most of the day and got to Paddington just after 11.  First up was an early lunch, a couple of tube stops and a short walk and we found TGI Fridays, I know its not the fanciest place and there are much more 'London' restaurants we could go to but they do good food and it is a treat for us to eat out anywhere...plus they do amazing cocktails!!  Lunch finished we had a wander round London, did a bit of window shopping and headed to the hotel to book in and freshen up before heading off for a quick bite to eat before getting to the O2.

The performance started at 7.30 but being like excited children on the night before Christmas we arrived pretty early, just after 6.  It did give us time to join the mahussive queue for the Monty Python merchandise though.  After purchasing a couple of T-Shirts (my fave being the one that said 'Keep Calm and Buy a Shrubbery') and a program we had a quick wander round the O2.  I never realised how much is there, its a almost a whole street of restaurants and bars, almost like being in Magaluf :) Having a wander round we found some serious Monty Python fans - A Lumber Jack who really must have been a die hard fan it was easily 25°c, he was baking!, Gumbies and a fair few Lumber Jacks girls.  Getting on for 7 we climbed our way to the top of the O2 and took our seats.  We were miles away from the stage but you could still see it all and the screens were HUGE so you didn't miss anything.  7.30 everyone's in their seats and show starts....it was amazing, loads of people said do you think they've still got it after all this time and the answer is simple...YES, totally YES.  It was great mix of old iconic sketches and songs like the Dead Parrot Sketch mixed with some newer stuff and a bit of ad libbing which lets face it always goes down well, John Cleese even managed to get the footy score in.  Changing between sketches they used the enormous screens for the classic cartoons and even had Stephen Hawking chasing Brian Cox in one of the videos.  I know that sounds like it makes no sense but when you watch it, it really does.  

After the performance it took a good 45 minutes to get out of the O2, there were just so many people trying to do the same and I have never seen a queue as long as the one to get into the tube station.  I'll be honest we took one look at it and went back inside for a cheeky drink whilst the queue went down.  A quick stop for a night cap in Canary Wharf on the way back to the hotel completed the perfect day, and my feet in their new Skechers Go Walks? felt like those good old comfy, well worn in slippers.

And the best bit....I get to see it all again, not by going back to the O2...my bank balance definitely can't cope with that twice in one month.  But Sunday 20th July Gold will be showing it Live on TV....wahhooooo! 


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Glastonbury 2014

Hey everyone so after the glorious summer weather over the last couple of weeks and our last post on everyones personal taste on sandals.  I’ve had a bit of a reality check while I took a break in the Glastonbury mudfest.  I met up with old friends and had an all round had a great time!  If you’ve never been to Glastonbury then you should definitely consider it. I only went for the Sunday and as a first timer I can honestly say it was a great experience.  I decided to go with a pair of hiking boots for the day as I have weird feet and the less said about them the better, but I’ve never seen such mass support for a single brand, Hunter Wellies were everywhere. The festival itself is like a giant tribute to the guys! It like they’re unofficial sponsors so they’re doing something right and surprisingly a lot of the girl I spoke to were actually wearing kids wellies, so I guess that’s one way to save a little extra spending money!

Hunter Wellies at Glastonbury 2014
So what was everyone like? Well, Dolly Parton has since offered to adopt a dog as you do. It was left by someone in a tent, it’s horrible stuff but to be fair as Pam mentioned in the office this morning, I think it just needs a good home with a good family and somewhere local.  Whatever the situation as to whether or not she really sung it’s nice to hear people care.  Personally I wasn’t anywhere near the front, so I couldn’t say either way but none the less I did enjoy the show.  Bon Jovi’s, Richie Sambora even joined her towards at the end of the set for a rendition of Lay your Hands on Me which was great to see.  Kasabian really looked liked they enjoyed themselves as well as they closed the main stage.  For me though the real highlight was Ellie Goulding, Ellie was superb, you could feel the passion as the singer sung and danced her way through her set, she really was electric. 

Shangri La was something else as well, if anything, the quality of the set was of the sort of standard you’d expect in a full on film with trains and cars coming out of building, it looked insane! 

If I get the opportunity next year I’ll definitely be going back for the whole week however.  I loved the look of the Tipis as well, for the space they look perfect for a family.   Given the price however I think I’d rather just take a tent and slum it with the rest of the commoners.  The one thing I would do differently however is to arrange going with a couple of friends, and getting a helicopter there.  Is that extreme?  Maybe, but if you can fill one up you might be surprised.  I’d heard through the grapevine that if you fill a six seater then you’ll probably be looking at around £100 per person.   I’d do that just for the ride but if you don’t like queuing I imagine it’d save you hours!

Imagine it, your cruising through the sky taking in the sheer scale of the occasion and as the pilot prepares to land the crowd skips a breathe in anticipation, the sea of people parts excitedly with their camera ready for something special, William and Kate, Beyonce, you could be anyone..  and out you step with your friends in your new Original Hunters in a cacophony of colours to a flurry of cameras flashing in your face.  Ok, so it might be a bit of an anti-climax after the crowds look at you puzzled for a couple of minutes but just wear some big glasses with a hat and if you’re lucky they’ll just confuse you for the latest celeb.   Sorry I got a bit carried away with that last bit but it would definitely be a great bit of fun.  Either and it’s an incredible festival.   So to sign of, If you haven’t been, go and just make sure you remember your Hunters, ‘cause Hunters are cool! 



Tuesday, 24 June 2014

What are your 'go to' sandals?

Hey All,

It's my week for the blog again this week and I thought with all this gorgeous weather it has to be about sandals this time :)

Bracken enjoying the fields last Summer

So what are your 'go to' sandals?

FitFlop LuLu Canvas Black
We all have our favourites, the sun comes out, at the start of summer it's not even that warm but we all dig out the sandals.  For me it's FitFlop, I love them more than my Kanyon boots which are great through winter and in the rain but boy do they get warm on those nicer days.  FitFlop for me are the ultimate in comfort, the cushioning you get from the 3 density sole unit is fantastic and they have so many designs nowadays there is something for everyone, however I will say they are not great for running round a show ring in.  I have tried it and come unstuck, lost my shoe half way round and had to run the rest with one barefoot before claiming my FitFlop back from the steward who had very kindly retrieved it for me, not my best show moment.

Just some of the Birkenstock Sandals Range
One of our most popular sandal brands at mastershoe-myshu are Birkenstock, with the weather we have been enjoying in the UK at the moment they are quite literally walking out of our shops.  Birkenstocks are a great basic, they have a contoured footbed which gives great support under your arch and toes whilst the raised edge gives a bit extra protection, I don't know about you guys but I am terrible for stubbing my toes in flip flops so this is a great addition.  Birkenstock come in soooo many colours and a variety of styles so there really is something for everyone.

Earth Spirit
My mums current favourites are the Earth Spirits, she has quite wide feet and really struggles to find comfortable, wide sandals that give her heels plenty of cushioning, when I brought a pair of the Arlingtons home for her to try you would have thought it was Christmas.  The Arlingtons have velcro adjustability on every strap which gives the perfect fit to the foot and with a memory foam cushioned insole that moulds to your feet as you wear them and also feature arch and toe supports.  Earth Spirit are very new to the market, we have stocked them for 3 years now and their following has grown every year.

Skechers Go Walk 2 Navy

So what do you wear if you don't like sandals....this years must have has to be the Skechers Go Walk range, which is what I should have worn at the show I lost my FitFlop at.  I have a pair of the Everydays I bought in March to wear at Crufts, Crufts is REALLY hard on your feet and everyone thought I was mad to be wearing a brand new pair of shoes all day (I'll be honest I did have a spare pair with me just in case) but they were and are fab!! I wore them all day with no problems in fact they're so light and the upper material stretches round your feet, it really is like walking on air, you almost forget you've got them on!! It easy to see why they are so popular.

There is just so much to choose from for your summer footwear everything from Go Walks to FitFlop, Keen to Earth Spirit and of course Birkenstocks and they are just a few, but seem to be this summers hot sellers.



Friday, 20 June 2014

Glamour Magazine Feature

It’s been a busy week in the mastershoe-myshu HQ. Since our last blog from Pam who got caught in the mud at a dog show , we’ve had some pretty glorious weather in Wiltshire. Our sandals are flying out the door and the biggest hits this summer are without a doubt the Birkenstocks and Reef. They’re so popular! Anyway, we had our first appearance in Glamour magazine in month. We sent them the Buffalo 1339-14 in Patent White for a photo shoot and the pictures look absolutely fantastic. We were chuffed to bits with the results and regardless of if you like them or not they really are a great shoe. They’re perfect for stomping, they’re well made and with all the celebrity culture going on around them with the fashion shows, Lilly Allen and Lady Gaga getting on board it’s kicking off a serious revival.

We’ve also been working hard to develop our brand pages and I’ve learnt loads about some of the different companies that supply us. For example I’ve known for a while that Keen make some fantastic outdoor adventure sandals but did you know they donated their marketing budget to the Asian Tsunami or that they are actively making an effort to produce footwear in the US. In all, it really is quite impressive when you consider the amount of manufacturing now outsourced. Eventually the aim is to have a unique brand page for all of our suppliers. So feel free to have a look and check them all out. They have some great pictures and videos and the links for them are just below.

We also had some great fun playing with our latest product Crep Protect. If you haven’t seen this before it’s pretty incredible. This stuff will keep your feet dry and your footwear clean. If you can remember how it feels to have your boxfresh trainers on for the first time, there’s nothing worse than the first stain. A bit of coffee, some oil it doesn’t matter how careful you are, sooner or later they always end up getting marked. The product itself is a spray coating specifically designed for footwear and it lasts about 2 weeks. It works by fully coating your shoes with an invisible liquid repelling layer. It can be used on literally everything as well. Regardless of whether your shoes are leather, suede, nubuck or canvas, Crep protect will actively repel liquids preventing any stains from spoiling your favourite footwear. We tried it by squeezing ketchup on our shoes and it literally drops of when you put it under a tap you don’t need to scrub it, nothing it just slides off. Water just forms beads and its even dry to the touch after taking it away from the tap.

It’s even started to gain a bit of a celeb following, the boys from Rizzle Kicks and Reggie Yates are both on board and massive lovers of the product but to be fair it really does speak for itself. While it only last around two weeks depending on the footwear a can should gives you a couple of coats and if that means for £9.99 your shoes should still be looking like new a month or two down the line it make it a pretty good investment!

Have a look at the Crep Protect video below we’re pretty sure you’ll love it, it’s crazy good! Anyway enjoy the weather while it lasts people, thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope you’re enjoying the world cup if your watching it.


Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud

Hi All,

It's Pam again this week, as I'm sure most of you have guessed apart from Mastershoe-Myshu my life revolves around my dogs.  I currently have an Italian Spinone and a Clumber Spaniel, whilst my parents have more of the same breeds, we show (including Crufts for the past few years) and I train at agility (we are nowhere near competing but we have fun at training and they both really enjoy it).  I am afraid my obsession with my canine friends means that most of my blogs are taken from my experiences and days out with them, and of course the shoes that go with them :)

OK so I know it was a couple of weeks ago but unfortunately I think the weather from the Bank Holiday weekend is going to be with us a bit more this year than last year so I thought I may as well tell you about my Bank Holiday weekend.  What did you do over the May Bank Holiday?... I went to a dog show at Bath which was...challenging to say the least.  I was meant to go down to Devon County Show on the Thursday before but I'll be honest I took 1 look at the weather forecast and chickened out, came into work instead and boy am I glad I did.  I was speaking to friends over the weekend that followed and apart from the headline news that they had had to cancel the show on Saturday due to the car parks becoming to dangerous I had one friend that had to be towed ON to the site on the Thursday, my poor little car just wouldn't have coped.

I love Devon County Show, it's got all my favorite things in 1 place, dog show, agricultural show, fun fair and of course SHOPPING! I'm a bit of an addict.  BUT..at Devon County you park on a field, I have a little 2 wheel drive automatic which is a dream to drive but does not cope with muddy fields very well.  Which is how we come to my Bank Holiday weekend, the Saturday of the Bank Holiday weekend was Bath Championship Show, lovely and local only a half hour drive apposed to the 2-3 hour drives of normal but also on top of a hill at the mercy of the weather.....and parking in a field.

Saturday dawned the dogs are all ready to go, we're all ready to go, and it starts pouring with rain!! Time for plan B.  Quick change into the trusty Kanyon boots (wellies in the car as well just in case), waterproofs donned and a car change, borrowed the 'Red Beast' my parents 4x4, not so I could get out of a muddy field if needed, no it was so I could pull them out the field if their van if it got stuck.  As we pulled up to the turning the weather was awful, it was torrential rain and there was already a car stuck at the entrance and being pushed off.....even if it was for their benefit I was soooo glad I had the Red Beast, in we went and parked up, not stuck yet :)  Get out the car and......squelch!! The ground was soaking, it had thankfully momentarily stopped raining but was already really muddy especially the entrance, honestly I don't know how I coped before Kanyons,  I saw all manner of footwear on my way in from wellies and boots like mine to Crocs?? Yes seriously there were people wearing Crocs, but I suppose it doesn't matter if they get wet and muddy, they are dead easy to clean off afterwards.  Once inside the showground was a completely different kettle of fish, with no cars chewing the ground up although wet there was no mud and I could change into my Skechers Go Walk Everydays which are fab for showing in with no worries about getting covered in mud.

Skechers Go Walk Everyday

We had quite a good day, the dogs all did well and although it was a bit chilly and definitely wet there was a great atmosphere.  My Skechers Go Walks kept me comfy all day, I think they are possibly the comfiest mary jane style shoes I've ever owned.  The cushioning underfoot is great and the support (I have quite a high arch) they give is perfect, you can feel it but it doesn't feel hard and uncomfortable like some supports.  They have great grip, there was no slipping for me on the wet grass and they're stretchy so as your feet warms up through the day and swell slightly they stretch with them, then it was back to the car park.

An old picture but this is how to turn a white dog brown
There had been news filtering back to the showground all day the car park was getting worse, people were being pulled out by the tractor, there was no way I was wearing my lovely Skechers through that mud, plus they're not waterproof and I don't like wet feet so back out with the Kanyons....it was a quagmire!!  'When we walked out of the showground we had white dogs by the time we got to the car and van they were half brown and caked in mud'.  Not that they minded and we were actually REALLY lucky with the parking, I hadn't realised earlier but somehow we'd managed to get a space right in front of the gravel track that ran round the edge of the field so straight off the field and away we went.  The rest of my weekend was pretty uneventful, lazy days with the dogs, quick walks trying to avoid the showers and no more mud!

Till next time....

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Top 24 Funny Keywords Searched On Mastershoe

Today I felt like tapping into the more funny side of retail, and what better way to do this then to marvel at some of the trivial and humorous search terms customers enter on our website. I have looked back through our search data for the last 2 months with the intention of giving our readers the top 5 funny keywords. But truth be told I was pleasantly surprised by the large number of smile summoning keywords people have tried using on a footwear website, and after many laughs I simply couldn't narrow it down to 5, or even 10 for that matter.

We actively check our onsite search data and 'redirect' terms to the right place. These can be typos such as sketchers (instead of skechers) and Doc Martins (instead of Dr Martens). The number 1 keyword with the most spelling mistakes from users is Havaianas.

Anyway, back on track: Here we have the revised and improved

Keyword Entered What We Think It Was Supposed To Be My Thoughts/Opinion
Easter Egg N/A This query was searched 13x over 2 weeks near Easter. Do they know something we don't? Shoe Easter Eggs anyone?
Marker Pen N/A Marker Pen and Sharpie were searched very close together, so we think its the same person. Maybe they wanted to write there name on there shoes
Fake Timberland Timberland I'm not sure why anyone would 'want' to purchase Fake Timberlands, maybe because there cheaper? This user would have been left dissapointed as we only ever sell real genuine products.
Youtube N/A This had the lowest search volume at 2. Maybe an accidental copy and paste from the internet browser
Mens HighHeels N/A This query had us in stitches. Possibly a thesbian acting as a dame in panto
Nike hoes Nike Shoes An obvious typo where the 'S' is missing from shoes. Still worthy of my list
Pool Cues N/A I can kinda understand this one. Our original trading name was 'Sportshoe' so its no unreasonable to think we sell sports related equipment.
Lettuce N/A I honestly have no idea. Possibly an unusual colour of footwear that we don't stock?
Racing Cat Puma Speed Cat This style has many different misconceptions. Racing Cat, Fast Cat, Driving Cat, Super Cat
Yay N/A Not much to say about this, except 'Yay' back
Sheep Sheepskin Either a farmer who doesn't know where to purchase livestock - or someone looking for sheepskin footwear?
Blunt Stone Blundstone This is a perfect example of how a simple mixup of letters can produce a surprisingly funny result.
Copper Fist Iron Fist Mixup of metals
Money Off N/A Can't blame you for trying, if only discounts were that easy
Poison N/A Another unusual style colour maybe? Or a lost witchdoctor
Original Penguin N/A This originally baffled me, until I discovered the website 'originalpenguin.co.uk'.
Frozen Heels N/A My initial thought was abit farfetched - heels made of ICE! Or could they mean the disney film 'Frozen'?
Beyonce N/A Unfortunately we do not currently stock celebrities. Or does Beyonce own a footwear brand?
Toast N/A No idea, possibly another unusual colour
Maneater N/A Ahh.. my colleague has revealed this customer was likely looking for the 'Iron Fist - ManEater' style, and not a maneating plant.
Blue Lemonade N/A Aside from being a 'cool' colour for lemonade - we're not sure why you would search this on mastershoe
Foldable N/A Possibly looking for the roll-up Hunter wellies?
Sexy Flop Flop Flip Flop No comment
Moon Boots N/A Boots for the Moon?

Written by Keiran at mastershoe-myshu.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Festival Footwear

The UK Festival Season is about to kick off in a big way and with the Isle of Wight and Download starting it all off in mid June.  There are lots of important things to take to a festival the most important one of course being your ticket.....you wouldn't believe how many people queue for hours on end from Shepton Mallet all the way to Pilton for Glastonbury and then realise that prized ticket has been left in its very safe place at home, not a good move.

Other essentials are of course the tent (home for the weekend, or at least a place to lay your head for a couple of hours), your camera, or phone with camera to capture those once in a lifetime moments, plenty of cash (prices for EVERYTHING are always so inflated at festivals), so on the same note food and drink, you've gotta save a bit where you can we're in a recession after all. Toilet roll, they always run out, hand sanitiser and for us girls dry shampoo for your hair...marvelous invention, then theres clothes of course the footwear!!!

So then festival footwear, well lets face it the UK's summers and especially Glastonbury have a reputation for being wet and muddy, unfortunately it is generally a reputation well earned so the top festival footwear is welly boots.

No.1 on our festival welly list is the Dr Martens Drench, a new style that DM's brought to the range in 2013 they combine the classic Dr Martens 1460 style with a waterproof rubber, fashion and function...Perfect!! Although if your knee deep in mud maybe not so much.

No.2 has to be Hunters, ok so they don't last the years and years they used to but lets face it what does nowadays, you can't ignore these fabulous glittery wellies.  Available in kids up to a UK 5 if your an adult with small feet you even get away with paying the cheaper kids price for them.

No.3 Bogs!! A fairly new brand to the UK but these funky flower wellys will stand out especially with a fantastically bright sole unit. The handles at the top makes them easy to get on and off as well...always a useful bonus.

OK so a miracle happens and we actually have a good summer what do you wear on your feet then?? Do you go for shoes or sandals, flip flops or trainers? the choice is endless if the weather behaves but here's our top 3.

No.1 Ok so we all know I love FitFlop, so of course they are going to be my top choice.  They're dead comfy for spending all day on your feet and with a canvas upper dead easy to clean with a brush over.  Downside to flipflops at a festival when your in the crowd there is no foot protection so when your feet get stood on it is going to hurt :(

 No.2 These Adesso shoes much like the entire Adesso range are completely wacky, not my normal sort of style yet they've really grown on me.  Definitely something different the uppers are a stretchy elastic so will stretch round your feet for great comfort and that is one seriously cushioned insole.

No.3 Well it just has to be a good old pair of Cons!! This latest version with large writing down the sides is lush and of course has all the classic Converse style.  Easy to wear, light and with the toe bumper a bit more protective than some shoes to be fair these probably should be No.1 rather than 3.

In typical British style the long range weather forecast shows sun and showers but temperatures look good, so rain or shine thats your festival footwear covered, just don't forget your tickets!!!