Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Pams New Welly Boots

Winter Wellies

With the weather being a bit all over the place recently – brutally cold over Christmas, then really warm, wet, wild and windy and of course last night snow I thought todays blog should be about my new favourite welly boots.

We’ve stocked the Bogs brand for a while but I’ve never had a pair before, when my Hunters failed again in November I decided it was time for a change.  I’ll be honest is was a toss up between Muck Boots and Bogs, both have a good reputation and a neoprene lining which gives warmth, and good tread for traction in the mud. What swung it for me was Bogs have some wicked designs and I personally think wellies should be a bit fun to brighten up the days you are wearing them which are usually dull and grey.

So I went for Bogs.  They had their first dog walk outing on Christmas morning, it had been REALLY cold overnight so a hard frost on the ground and up the park it was beautiful, we were out early enough the trees were still white from the frost.  On Christmas Eve the weather had been much the same but I wore my Kanyons.  I LOVE my Kanyon boots but I found by the end of the walk my toes were freezing!! I have to say the following day wearing my Bogs my feet stayed toasty warm.

"I have quite wide feet and for me the Bogs have plenty of room whilst the stretchy neoprene shaft gives plenty of room to fit my jeans in but still hugs my legs at the top so no cold draughts."

My Bogs next outing was a few days later when it was much warmer and pouring with rain, the park had turned from beautifully white to a muddy quagmire, again my Bogs did a sterling job.  They had decent grip through the muddiest parts and though it was much warmer than my first trip out my feet didn’t get to hot, the worst bit was getting my gorgeous new boots covered in mud. 

Easily fixed by a quick wash down under the outside tap when we got home before leaving to dry out naturally and all ready for the repeat wet and muddy walk the next day.  I have worn my Bogs for every trip to the park since.

Their most recent trip was this morning, although I do own A LOT of pairs of shoes (the trouble with working for a footwear retailer) and in my loads of pairs of shoes I have at least 2 pairs of specific snow boots I thought I’d see what my Bogs were like in the snow.  To be fair we didn’t have a lot of snow last night and it did rain fairly early this morning so my snow test was more of a slush test but….the Bogs did good! I got to work and had dry, warm feet and didn’t slip over once on the way, quite an achievement this morning.

So if your normal wellies are wearing out and you are looking for a new pair why not check out Bogs Boots?